Soul Cannon T-Shirts

"Skull Lady" shirts: featuring original illustrations for Soul Cannon's The Mixed Ape album. 3-color silkscreen on sand & gray shirts, expertly printed by Chris from Fall Press/Alphabet Apparel.

"Skull Man" shirt: 1-color design featuring original art the album cover. Limited edition, hand-printed on white American Apparel shirts, 2011.

Artist note: for Soul Cannon's CD Release, I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate all the hard work that went into the production of the album... so, I created this 1-color silkscreen design from my cover art to compliment the album and the 3-color shirts. With the help of my good pal Chris, we burned a screen & printed a batch of these shirts to have ready at the show. I got a supply of fabric markers in just about every color you can find, and we encouraged fans to color their own shirt & then ironed the finished masterpieces so the colors would set. The results were spectacular as you'll see in the slideshow below... and best of all, people really had a great time creating their own D.I.Y. shirts! As an artist, it's especially cool to see people interacting with your work in a whole new way—by adding their own color, imagery & symbols, the fans get to really make the shirts their own! Thanks to all who participated in the project, especially to the band for being enthusiastic about my concept and willing to let me try something new.

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Soul Cannon 3-color shirts:


Sand shirts

Geoff sporting a Gray shirt

Geoff rocks a gray shirt

Me, sporting a sand shirt

Me, sporting a sand shirt

Soul Cannon D.I.Y. shirts:

Geoff showing off a “before” shirt

D.I.Y. shirts in-the-making at the CD Release show:

View the FULL SET of photos on my Flickr page.

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