Chef Paolino Cafe

Website, branding, and art direction for Chef Paolino Cafe, launched Fall 2014. Platform: Wordpress. Customized Wordpress themes for two restaurant locations & a landing page.

After working with Chef Paul and his team in 2009 to design the restaurant's first website, we decided to take advantage of the flexibility of updating to a CMS like Wordpress in 2014. This investment for the restaurant has already paid off, as the customized Wordpress theme utilizes responsive design—a technique where the layout scales to the user's device and delivers the best experience across mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. And since it's Wordpress, the new and improved site allows Chef Paolino's team to update their menus and specials themselves without compromising the design aesthetic. My amazing wife Jill shot the photos of Chef Paul's outstanding food for the site, and they couldn't have turned out more appetizing! For more of her work, visit her site at J Fannon Photography.

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  • Chef Paolino Catonsville site: desktop
  • Chef Paolino Ellicott City site: desktop
  • Chef Paolino Catonsville site: tablet
  • Chef Paolino Ellicott City site: tablet
  • Chef Paolino landing page: mobile
  • Chef Paolino Catonsville & Ellicott City sites: mobile






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